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We’re all familiar with Door Dash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub to make receiving food more convenient. We’re also familiar with Kroger and Walmart’s delivery service and, of course, your common online shopping delivered to your door. But, what about a personal shopping experience that’s delivered to you and if you’re not satisfied, they also return it for you? Intrigued yet? Let me elaborate….
Hi! My name is Mikayla and I’m here to be your personal savvy shopper. Are you a bachelor who hates to shop and your wardrobe could use an update, but you don’t want to break the bank? Are you a working mom with kids who never has time to make it to the store, so you order everything online but never feel like you find the deals? Are you someone who just dreads going shopping, but could use some new pieces to spruce up your wardrobe? If you answered yes to any of those, good news. 
I’m your girl!

Miks Savvy Selections

Update your closet and save!

Do you love name brand clothes, but don’t love name brand prices? I thrive off of finding a good deal and know just the places to shop. I know we all have access to online shopping and the convenience of items being delivered right to our doorstep, but do we get the best bang for our buck that way? This is where hiring me to be your personal shopper comes into play. I will take the hassle away, go shopping for you, deliver it, and return what you don’t like.
All I need from you are your sizes, ideal style preference (along with your dislikes so I know what to stay clear from), and your budget. I can shop for everyday outfits, special occasion wear, outfits for your kiddos, etc. I’m like DoorDash except for clothing and you can’t reach me on an app.
If this is a service you’d be interested in, please message me and let’s chat! You may be curious what this service will cost you, the price is a $40 flat fee (we can talk if you only need a couple of items) plus the cost of your items.
They say money can’t buy time, but my service will do just that!. I will remove the hassle of shopping, the time spent looking for deals and the time it takes to go to the store to buy/ return. So yes, money can buy time….and a new wardrobe
Your closet called and it’s begging for a revamp!

Miks Savvy Selections

Shopping made easy

Men's Shopping

Need help with fashion and style?

Let’s face it, men, you don’t always have the best style. It’s okay because I’m here to help. We need to ditch the cargo shorts, dad jeans, grandpa shoes, tourist sandals and graphic T-shirts, and have you looking your best! Do you have a job interview, date or an important evening? Good news, I got you! You can put your trust in me that I will have you looking your best in your new fits. 

What customers say about Miks Savvy Selections

I think you did an amazing job.. I greatly appreciate you finding all this.. Best part was I didn’t have to go shopping. It was actually kind of a joke when I asked, what about us old guys, but you made it happen! And a definite amazing selecting for the the cost… I’ll definitely be using your service again…

Ho Bart Morris

Savvy Customer

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We're offering our customers a whole new experience

We’re offering a hassle-free, peace of mind experience at a affordable price. Our skillset is unique, and we’re providing our clients an worry-free experience saving them time and money. 

Shopping anxiety can affect us all, and many of us hate the stores. Online shopping is convenient, but sending clothes back if they don’t fit isn’t. Many of our clients don’t like to shop at all, and many have a poor sense of fashion. We’re offer an experience like no other. Not only do we offer personalized shopping, but our focus is hunting for deals, which saves you money! 

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